Best GUI for small-scale accounting app?

tfillmor tfillmor at
Tue Dec 21 02:44:14 CET 2004

Personally I think the priority of all new project developmnent should
be based principally on web technologies, with OS-specific (i.e.,
desktop) versions only if there is absolutely no other way.

You should really try CherryPy ( - for
Python-based web development I don't think you will be disappointed.
It's platform-agnostic, provides its own threaded webserver, supports
just about every templating schema out there for Python (and even
optionally one of it's own), is actively developed and projects can
even be run off a CD when deployed, if necessary.

I've written some smallish things using CherryPy and found it to be
easy to work with...  The current version is 2.0 alpha (read the site
about this, some pretty serious changes were made between 1.x and 2.0
that only improve the project), but I always use the development
versions from svn.  I know, I know, they are only development versions,
and shouldn't be deployed, right? This really doesn't worry me much as
there is a really good pace on the project's development and
essentially daily snapshot releases that, as of yet, have only improved
the speed of what I've coded when my code is run against the newer
versions. In fact I've never seen a cherryPy server/process crash,
although my code certainly does... 8-)

Give it a whirl!!

Tom Fillmore

Paul Rubin wrote:
> Bulba! <bulba at> writes:
> > Reason 1: It would be somewhat complex to develop it using
> > PHP (I have done some recon in that area) and using GUI
> > on Windows is actually faster way of entering and editing data
> > than via the Web browser I think.
> Well, I was concentrating more on implementation hassle.  But I
> was thinking in terms of Python, not PHP.
> > ZOPE could provide the workaround but ZOPE seems really huge to
> > me and an overkill for this. Or maybe it would work?
> Zope seems huge to me too.  I'd just use a Python cgi, optionally
> one of the simpler Python template libraries.  Just try to keep
> simple, and never allow access except to authorized, trusted users
> (i.e. don't run the app on the open internet without SSL and login
> authentication) and you won't have to worry too much about security.

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