OT: novice regular expression question

M.E.Farmer mefjr75 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 31 08:00:05 CET 2004

It's me wrote:
> The shlex.py needs quite a number of .py files.  I tried to hunt down
a few
> of them and got really tire.
> Is there one batch of .py files that I can download from somewhere?
> Thanks,
Not sure what you mean by this.
Shlex is a standard library module.
It imports os and sys only, they are standard library modules.
If you have python you have them already.
If you mean cStringIO it is in the standard library(at least on my
You dont have to use it just feed shlex an open file.
py>lexer = shlex.shlex(open('myrecord.txt', 'r'))


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