Complementary language?

HackingYodel taoiststarter at
Sun Dec 26 00:40:31 CET 2004

Hello all!  I'm learning to program at home.  I can't imagine a better 
language than Python for this.  The ideal situation, for me, would be to 
study two languages at the same time.  Probably sounds crazy, but it 
works out better for me.  Being a newbie, I find almost all languages 
fascinating.  C, D, Objective-C, Ocaml, C++, Lisp, how is a non-tech to 
choose?  Does any single language do a better job in Python's weaker 
areas? Would anyone care to suggest one to supplement Python.  That is, 
if you could only use Python and one other language, which would it be? 
  Thank you for your time and help.

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