AsmL/Python relationship? Anyone using AsmL? What for?

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Hi Claudio,

If I recall correctly Guido van Rossum (creator/father of Python) did not
mention AsmL as being an influence.  Also AsmL appears to be more recent
(circa .NET epoch) than Python (circa 1991). Hence, I would suggest that the
Foundations of Software Engineering group at Microsoft have borrowed a few
bricks from Guido and maybe even a few rocks from Donald Knuth.

Interesting (AsmL, that is, not my posting).


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I have just by chance discovered, that Microsoft research
works on a kind of programming language called AsmL,
and I'm just curious if AsmL, which is using same concept
of significant indentation as Python language, was
developed fully independently or is there a kind of
relationship (same person in developer team, etc.)?
Maybe someone can give here some hints?

Is anyone of you using AsmL? What for?

P.S. What is AsmL can be checked out at:
or directly in the tutorial:

Here an excerpt from online available information:
"AsmL is the Abstract State Machine Language.
It is an executable specification language based on
the theory of Abstract State Machines.
The current version, AsmL 2 (AsmL for Microsoft .NET),
is embedded into Microsoft Word and Microsoft Visual
Studio.NET. It uses XML and Word for
literate specifications. It is fully interoperable with
other .NET languages.
AsmL generates .NET assemblies which can either
be executed from the command line, linked with
other .NET assemblies, or packaged as COM
AsmL is useful in any situation where you need
a precise, non-ambiguous way to specify a computer
system, either software or hardware. AsmL
specifications are an ideal way for teams to
communicate design decisions.
Program managers, developers, and testers can
all use an AsmL specification to achieve a
single, unified understanding. One of the greatest
benefits of an AsmL specification is that you can
execute it. That means it is useful before you commit
yourself to coding the entire system."


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