Python Win32 Silent Install

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Dec 2 02:30:13 CET 2004

Matt Gerrans wrote:
> You guessed correctly.   Python is on HP (and Compaq now) PCs because I put 
> it there.

Do you think you could expand on the brief description about this
that is to be found in the following page?

The webmaster email address gets *lots* of requests
from innocent and ignorant users who are concerned about finding
this thing called "Python" on their new machines, and most of
them seem curiously more interested in removing it than in discovering
what it actually is there for.

The auto-response points them to the above page, I believe, and it
would perhaps save the webmaster types some time if there was a more
official HP version of the situation than the "Apparently some of
HP/Compaq's administrative tools are written in Python." comment that is
there now.


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