assymetry between a == b and a.__eq__(b)

Mel Wilson mwilson at
Sat Dec 4 19:14:32 CET 2004

In article <coss5o$1uq$02$1 at>,
Peter Otten <__peter__ at> wrote:
>Tim Peters wrote:
>> See the Python (language, not library) reference manual, section 3.3.8
>> ("Coercion rules"), bullet point starting with:
>>     Exception to the previous item: if the left operand is an
>>     instance of a built-in type or a new-style class, and the right
>>     operand is an instance of a proper subclass of that type or
>>     class, ...
>So that is settled then. Not the most likely place to investigate when one
>has just read that "Arguments to rich comparison methods are never coerced"
>in 3.3.1 ("Basic customization"), though.

   At some point Python will cease to be a simple language.

        Regards.        Mel.

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