lies about OOP

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Wed Dec 15 03:04:06 CET 2004

"Paul McGuire" <ptmcg at> wrote in message
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> I was just reacting mostly to the OP's statement that "by '86 the Joy of
> was widely known".

I (Jive Dadson) said that.  I guess I figured that if I knew about it, it
was widely known.  But in retrospect, I had an information edge.  I was in
Silicon Valley, working on the Next Big Thing, and I was wired into USENET.
My earliest dejagoogle hit is from '86.  (It's not under "Jive Dadson", a
more recent nom du net.)

He didn't say "OOP all began when..." or "OOP was widely
> known," which I think still would have been a stretch - he implied that by
> '86 OOP was widely recognized as Goodness, to which I disagree.

Well, it was widely known by everyone who read the motos I stuck up on my
cubicle walls. :-)


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