after embedding and extending python (using swig) problem importing (non-core) modules

stefan schu0999 at
Wed Dec 8 05:21:44 CET 2004

Hi Folks,

I currenty extended some of my C++ functionality to python and also
embedded python to use python functionality in my C++ system (and use
as well these extended functions).

While this works fine with the core python functionality, as soon as I
run a script (on the embedded system) which tries to import modules
which are not in the core system, like "xml" or "re", it fails and says
it cannot find the related  dll (for example in the case of re the
_sre.pyd). It works fine if i run the script with the 'regular'

It does not look like a path-problem to me, so I'm clueless right now.
I could work around this extending some functions to python and use
them, but then I lose what I was aiming for, the "power" of python and

Do i have to tell the embedded python system somehow where to look for
extension dll's? (it even does not work if i have the pyd files in the
(same) folder than the system where I start my embedded python program.

It would be great if someone would have an idea, at least how to get me
started on this. 

thanks a lot in advance, 

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