[Newby] question about modules

James Stroud jstroud at mbi.ucla.edu
Fri Dec 10 21:00:06 CET 2004

Is it in "regex" or "re"? If in "re" then:


If in "regex", then:


You can also do

from re import *

then you will not have to prefix. But careful not to clutter your namespace.

On Friday 10 December 2004 10:29 am, Jon wrote:
> Hi,
> The following four lines of code:
> import sys, os, re
> sentence = raw_input("Enter a sentence:  ")
> capwords (sentence)
> print sentence
> gives me the following error:  NameError: name 'capwords' is not defined
> As far as I can tell from the online docs, "capwords" should be defined in
> the built-in "regex" module.  Why is it telling me that capwords is not
> defined?

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