asynchat and threading

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Dec 6 18:57:52 CET 2004

Anthony Baxter wrote:

> > AFAICT, the main complaint is that it is tied to the TCP transport,
> > the sockets API, and the select/poll API. IOW, it cannot easily:
> > - integrate TLS on top of TCP (because TLS might involve no-data
> >    communications, e.g. when TLS negotation happens in the middle
> >    of a TLS session),
> > - integrate other transports, such as serial ports on Windows,
> > - integrate other multi-endpoint wait APIs, such as IO completion
> >    ports on Windows NT+, or kqueue on BSD.
> - work with other event loops, such as GUI toolkits

sure can.

but sure, if you don't want it to work, nothing stops you from writing
crappy code.  we've been using asyncore/medusa on high-performance
servers for nearly 10 years; I think we'd noticed by now if the library
was seriously broken.


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