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Steve Holden steve at
Thu Dec 30 18:58:25 CET 2004

Phil Thompson wrote:

> On Thursday 30 December 2004 4:13 pm, Steve Holden wrote:
>>Phil Thompson wrote:
>>>On Thursday 30 December 2004 2:34 pm, Nanoscalesoft wrote:
>>>>hi phil...
>>>I assume you mean PyQt-win-nc-msvc-3.13.exe
>>>I assume you mean the non-commercial edition.
>>>The binaries are built against Python 2.3.3 - Python 2.4 won't work.
>>>Python 2.4 (and later) will never be supported by the non-commercial
>>>edition because of the MSVC 6 vs 7 issue.
>>If that is a real *never* then Qt just fell behind in the "what's the
>>best GUI platform" stakes. It'd be a shame to lose PyQT, but if there's
>>no way to migrate it forwards it will atrophy and die. Have TrollTech
>>said they will never issue MSVC 7 binaries?
>>Is there no way to use the free Microsoft toolchain to compile, or do
>>the language differences just make the whole deal too difficult (or is
>>there some other show-stopper that my ignorance prevents me from seeing?).
> You've completely misunderstood what I said.
And not for the first time, probably. Mea culpa.

> I specifically said the non-commercial edition. This is a binary only version 
> based on Qt v2.3 and released in March 2001 - the first beta of Qt v4.0 has 
> just been released. The commercial and GPL versions of Qt is supplied in 
> source form and supports MSVC 6, 7, Borland, Cygwin and the Intel compiler. 
> PyQt supports all versions of Python since v1.5.2.
Well, OK, so I take it this means that TrollTech have announced they 
won't be producing an up to date non-commercial edition?

I presume the non-commercial edition is for people who want to use Qt 
but don't want to pay licensing fees or open their source? Or is the GPL 
version only available on non-Windows platforms? Of all the GUI 
platforms I know about, Qt certainly has the murkiest licensing picture.

> I think Qt is doing very well in the "best GUI platform" stakes if people 
> still want to use a 4 year old version in preference to up to date versions 
> of the alternatives.
I have no quibble with that - as I know, there are a lot of happy Qt 
users, and it has an interestingly different architecture. It would be 
even better if the licensing requirements were consistent across all 

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