Best book on Python?

Maurice LING mauriceling at
Sun Dec 12 23:13:45 CET 2004

> Google for Dive Into Python. Its a free online publication, see if is 
> any good for you.
> Cheers,

I like "Dive into Python" for the fact that it tends to explain examples 
line by line in an annotated form but it may just be my personal 

If the focus is only on printed books and there is some experience with 
programming, "programming python" by Lutz from O'Reilly might be a good 

Personally, I learn with "Python: the complete reference" by Martin C. 
Brown from Osborne/McGraw-Hill. There is no reason as to why I chose 
this book to start except that it is on discount in my university's 
bookshop. Although I must confess that I do not start from zero ground 
as I've read the official "Python tutorial" and "Learning Python" before 
hand. I must say that the mindset is important. I had almost hit a "I 
have to learn python" situation, rather than "it is nice to know" situation.

If the focus includes online materials, then there is a mountain of free 
online tutorials to wade through. Although somehow the materials seems 
fragmented but it is a nice source as well, it can help you piece out 
what is essential about python.


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