Boo who? (was Re: newbie question)

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Dec 20 10:45:10 CET 2004

Doug Holton wrote:
> Peter Hansen wrote:
>> "Virtually identical" indeed. :-)
> As noted on the website that I've pointed out to you multiple times now, 
> the syntax of boo is indeed virtually identical to python.  The 
> functionality however, is more like C#.

Sadly your second post hasn't reached my news server, which is
quite flaky.  Fortunately (checking Google Groups), I see it
added nothing of substance, as it merely points to the site again,
without addressing my comments about how syntactical similarity
or even identity doesn't justify the term "virtually identical",
which implies that in all respects one thing is essentially
identical to another.

And given that Boo is *not* virtually identical to Python*,
pointing it out to a self-proclaimed newbie with a question
about enums seems like nothing more than an ill-chosen
moment to do a little proselytizing.  Why not just start
a thread about Boo and point it out to those of us who
have never heard of it?  That wouldn't raise any hackles...


* Boo appears to be well-described by its own home page,
which reads roughly "Boo is a new object-oriented statically
typed language for the [CLI] with a python-inspired syntax
and a special focus on language and compiler extensibility".
Not surprisingly, it doesn't include the phrase "virtually
identical to Python" anywhere.

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