Python 2.3.5 ?

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Tue Dec 7 23:31:14 CET 2004

[Luis M. Gonzalez]
> I'm confussed...
> Python 2.4 (final) hs been released a few days ago, but now I
> see that Python 2.3.5 is being worked on.
> Why? What does it mean?

Just that enough volunteers exist interested in producing another
bugfix release for the 2.3 line.  It will probably be the last in the
2.3 line.  Heck, if enough volunteers showed up for it, we could have
a 1.5.3 release too.  Not everyone is willing and able to switch to a
new 2.j release as soon as it appears.  So far nobody has been willing
to pay to keep the 2.(j-1) line going, but it's quite common for
volunteers to supply a new & last bugfix release in the 2.(j-1) line
near the time 2.j final is released.

If you don't have a need to stick with 2.3 (where "need" can include
orders from corporate management), of course I recommend moving to

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