Winge IDE Issue - an suggestions?

Mike Thompson
Thu Dec 16 22:08:53 CET 2004

Marco Aschwanden wrote:
> Without further checking I would propose you let WingIDE ignore this  
> exception - most probably WingIDE is choking on a exception that was  
> thrown intentionally by the module writer.
> I hope you know how to let WingIDE ignore exceptions? (In the upper 
> part  of the Exceptions-tool click on 'Ignore this exception 
> location')... hope  this helps.

Goan. It does help, thanks Marco.  I was working with totally the wrong 
paradigm. I was assuming the reported exception was uncaught (that's how 
Komodo works) ... it was a very confusing place to be late at night - 
WingIDE bug seemed the only explanation, although it was puzzling me 
that something so obvious could make it through their QA. Thanks again.


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