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Responding to Daniel T....

>>Try and find and experienced OO developer who would advocate that large, 
>>complex generalizations are a good practice.  You can write lousy 
>>programs in any paradigm.  The likelihood increases when you use the 
>>most technically deficient of all the OOPLs.  (If those developers had 
>>used Smalltalk, I'll bet their defect rates would have been 
>>substantially lower even if they weren't very good OO developers.)
> Careful, the paper never claims that C++ produced more defects than C or 
> Pascal. It only claims that the defects found in the C++ program were 
> more costly to fix. That is a very big difference.

You're right.  That's what I get for responding from memory of my 
original reading of the paper.  The mind is the second thing to go.

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