Python Win32 Silent Install

Steve Holden steve at
Wed Dec 1 23:15:38 CET 2004

Matt Gerrans wrote:

> That sounds easy enough, but I imagine the Acive State package requires some 
> kind of licensing.    I'm pre-installing on millions of consumer PCs. 
Ah, so your group is responsible for all the "I've found Python on my 
computer, what does it do and can I remove it" messages we saw last year?

You are right about ActiveState, the copy you download from their web 
site is licensed to prohibit redistribution. They might be prepared to 
cut you a special license, but you'd have to ask them about that.

I'm guessing Mark Hammond would be able to build you a silent installer 
for a modest price.

Off-topic, I'd be very interested to learn anything you could tell us 
about why HP are installing Python (what it's used for, what you 
experience has been, &c). If this could be made public it would be nice 
to include it as a "Python success story".

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