How can i send 8-bit data or binary data with pyserial?

Richard Brodie R.Brodie at
Mon Dec 13 14:50:01 CET 2004

"ouz as" <oguz_aylanc at> wrote in message
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> I want to transfer 0 bit and 1 bit in order  with pyserial.But pyserial only
> send string data.

string _is_ the type one would normally use in Python for 8-bit
encoded data. If you are a Unicode purist, that's perhaps
all you would use it for.

If you have a list [11, 22, 33] of bytes to send,  you can write:
buffer = [chr(i) for i in [11, 22, 33]]

Or possibly, use the struct or array module. Either way, the
problem you have to solve is converting the format you have
to/from an appropriate string. We lack the detail to suggest the
best solution to that.

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