Compiling Python 2.4 extensions with free VC++ Toolkit

Jody Burns mailingme at
Fri Dec 10 20:36:49 CET 2004

See Mike C. Fletcher's post and for a way to do it very 
easily (you have to be able to use the GNU patch tool, but that's not 
difficult at all).


Peter Hansen wrote:

> None, other than to note that if you and/or others were able to
> solve this and make it "easy" for those less VC++-savvy, you
> might significantly decrease the bar for those of us who have
> not been able to get into hacking on the core of Python because
> of being stuck in the MS world yet not willing to shell out more
> cash to billg...  maybe, just maybe, that would get a few more
> people out there reviewing patches and maybe fixing bugs.
> -Peter

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