Boo who? (was Re: newbie question)

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Dec 20 03:39:16 CET 2004

Luis M. Gonzalez wrote:
>>Why?  If it's virtually identical, why would anyone bother even
>>visiting that site?  ;-)
> The difference is that it runs on the .NET frmework (and Mono).
> So instead of using the python standard libraries, you use the .NET
> ones.
> Regarding its syntax, it is very similar to Python. However the
> language is statically typed, not dynamic.
> Anyway, you don't have to declare types too often, because it uses a
> very good type inference system.
> For all those reasons, Boo has very good performance.
> In theory, it's performance is equal to C# or any other .NET compliant
> language, but it is still in phase of development (although quite
> usable for many tasks).
> So I guess it has many characteristics that make it a very interesting
> language for any python fan. And for those concerned with speed and
> performance, it is god send.

As one uninterested so far in .NET, and not concerned primarily
with speed, and concerned definitely with maturity and stability,
and not in the least interested in static typing, I thank you
for saving me the time investigating further.

"Virtually identical" indeed. :-)


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