Tabnanny really useful?

Franz Steinhaeusler franz.steinhaeusler at
Tue Dec 21 15:50:11 CET 2004

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004 09:34:47 -0500, Steve Holden <steve at>

Hello Steve,

>I've used drpython, and liked it. 

thank you, I'm sure, our project Admin will be pleased to hear this :)

>I think it would be a good way for 
>people to start to use the language, 

yes, this project is intended to fulfill this purpose.

>as it avoids the "just the command 
>line" syndrome without being as complex as IDLE or PythonWin. 

I think, it isn't too far away from these two anymore ;)
Considering the expansion with scripts and plugins,
and there are a several of them available.

>In short, 
>just about right for a beginner.

I use it exclusively for a few months for any Python source editing.

>  Steve

Franz Steinhaeusler

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