How about "pure virtual methods"?

Carl Banks imbosol at
Mon Dec 20 09:02:47 CET 2004

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> (I think you could create some kind of drinking game based on the
number of
> non-quoted lines between the "From"-line and the first line
containing the word
> "boo" in Doug's posts on comp.lang.python. A little like the game
based on the
> number of minutes between someone mentioning ElementTree or Anobind
> some other Python/XML toolkit in a blog post, and David Mertz adding
> comment about how his own tool can do the same thing faster and

Or until Peter Hansen mentions unit testing, or Fernando Perez mentions
IPython, or Michele Simionato (sp?) proposes a metaclass solution to a
problem, or Paul Rubin decries any aspect of Python that differs from
or Aahz asserts that the GIL isn't a significant problem in practice,

all-in-fun-of-course-ly yr's,


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