The Industry choice

Paul Rubin http
Fri Dec 31 12:49:44 CET 2004

Christopher Koppler <klapotec at> writes:
> The moral is, of course, that either the Python community's alpha
> geeks need to get access to controlling interest in a *major*
> company (or to become successful enough with their own companies to
> register on the current *major* companies radar as potential
> competition) or as you say, Python needs to be embraced like Linux
> was. That's the way to win the hearts of software companies' managers.

It's not just a matter of attitude or politics.  Python is an
excellent choice for many projects.  For some other projects, it's
clearly unsuitable.  For yet other projects, it's a plausible choice
but there are sound technical reasons to be wary of it.

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