Fun with Outlook and MAPI

Roger Binns rogerb at
Sat Dec 11 22:11:07 CET 2004

"Larry Bates" <lbates at> wrote in message news:lvKdndOR573zlibcRVn-jA at
> At the risk of beating a dead horse, but you really should consider
> using SMTP instead if you are really going to be sending a lot
> of messages.

The problem is that doesn't work in more complicated configurations
such as when authentication and/or SSL have to happen, not to mention
the issue of configuring servers and ports, that users have already
configured in their mail clients.  Additionally when you use MAPI,
messages that you send also end up in your sent items folder. (I
also have not had any issue sending lots of messages using MAPI).

Ultimately the utility of vanilla of pure SMTP will depend on
customer requirements and how simple the configuration is.


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