Complementary language?

gabriele renzi rff_rff at
Sun Dec 26 23:27:03 CET 2004

Alex Martelli ha scritto:

> Nolo contendere (not having looked much into Alice yet), but are there
> stand-alone didactical materials for Alice as there are for Oz?  
 > It
 > seemed to me that the available materials for Alice basically take SML
 > somewhat for granted, while Oz does come with tutorials which make no
 > analogous assumptions.  If you're recommending Alice as the second
 > language for somebody whose first and only language so far is Python,
 > what URLs and/or books would you point them to, for self-stufy?
 > Alex

probably not, AFAIK, and that's something I did'nt think of, thanks for 
pointing out.
Anyway, the Alice homepage references some ml tutorials for that subset 
of the language and documentation for the specific extensions.
Probably a unified tutorial would be much better, anyway, I agree.

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