How is Python designed?

Robert cr999.pythoner at
Sun Dec 5 03:44:20 CET 2004

Sorry for my interrupting the discussion : ).  I am a graduate student
in a chinese  university, and i am very interested in the Yuan
language. I'd like to join in the development of Yuan and do some work
for this language. BTW, i like this word, "Yuan" : )

I have 3 or 4 years experience in C++, and i have strong programming
skills about C++(at least in my opinion :) ) . I am interested in the
compiling technology and virtual machine technology. And i am reading
the <Virtual Machine Design and Implementation in C/C++> written by
Bill Blunden now. I had the thought of starting an open source project
which contains a virtual machine and a scripting language a few days
ago, just like a very simple python. Well, i know it is very difficult,
but it is my dream : ). Luckly i  found "Yuan" here. So it is my
pleasure if i can become a member of "Yuan" :)

Waiting for your reply. :)

Best regards.

Ru Chen

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