spawn or fork

sjdevnull at sjdevnull at
Wed Dec 8 18:11:40 CET 2004

Eric Brunel wrote:
> > Basically, I have the situation where a user (via the web) requests
> > from a database that has to be written to file. However, this takes
a couple
> > of minutes. So the way I thought of doing this is:
> > 1. create an empty file.
> > 2a. tell the user where to look for the file.
> > 2b. spawn a process to insert data into the file.
> >
> > This way the user can see the data as its being written.
> You may want to use threads for this instead of processes. See

I haven't seen any reason he wants to give up protected memory, so the
only reason to use threads is if the platform doesn't support fork (or
has a broken/nonperformant implementation thereof).

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