uptime for Win XP?

Andrey Ivanov andre1 at yandex.ru
Tue Dec 14 11:51:30 CET 2004

>> Writting this script was harder than I initially thought due to
>> a lack of documentation for win32all. And I still don't know what
>> that bizzare_int value stands for (an error/status code?).

[Fredrik Lundh]
> if I'm not mistaken, the corresponding Win32 function is called
> PdhGetFormattedCounterValue, which has two [in] parameters
> (counter handle, format code) and two [out] parameters (counter
> type, counter value)
> so "counter type" is a good guess.
> </F> 

[David Bolen]
> The pywin32 documentation tends not to duplicate information already
> available via MSDN (whether in a local installation or at
> msdn.microsoft.com) on the underlying Win32 API, so when in doubt,
> that's where to look.  Then, the pywin32 documentation will sometimes
> qualify how the Python interface maps that function.
> But in particular, a general rule (as has already been posted) is that
> any out parameters are aggregated along with the overall result code
> into a result tuple.
> -- David

Thanks for reply! MSDN did contain the answer, but I didn't noticed


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