installing 2.4

David Bolen db3l at
Fri Dec 3 04:01:12 CET 2004

"Jive" <someone at> writes:

> It's only getting worse.  I went to Add/remove programs and removed 2.4.
> Now Python 2.4 numarray and Python 2.4 pywin extensions are still listed as
> installed, but I cannot remove them.

You mentioned in your first post about "copying your site package"
... did you actually make a copy or did you perhaps "move" your
site-packages directory from beneath 2.3 to under 2.4.  If so, then
the uninstall entry in the registry is not going to find the files to
be able to uninstall them.

Worst case you should be able to reinstall Python 2.3, and your
extension packages from their installer images.  Don't worry about the
uninstall list in Add/Remove programs as reinstalling the packages
will just update their entries.  That will refresh the files in your
Python 2.3 tree, and providing you don't disable the option, should
re-establish file associations and what not back to a 2.3

-- David

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