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Mike Meyer mwm at
Sun Dec 26 08:19:28 CET 2004

"Kartic" <kartic.krishnamurthy at> writes:

> Thanks. Does this mean I have to upgrade python 2.3.3 to python 2.4 in
> order to get this working?

Whoops. Yeah, the instruction are for using MSVC 7.1, which is what
2.4 is build with. 2.3.x is built with MSVC 6.x. That's no longer even
commercially available.

There may be a way to do what you want without upgrading the
python. I'm not a Windows user, but happened to note that URL in
passing, and posted it to be helpful. I'd wait until after the holiday
to see if anyone has instructions that avoid having to upgrade Python
unless you want to upgrade anyway. Doing so will require rebuilding
all your .dll extensions, though. At least - on Unix upgrading from
2.x to 2.(x+1) requires reinstalling all extensions.

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