Windows XP - cron or scheduler for Python?

Michele Petrazzo michele.petrazzo at
Fri Dec 24 16:51:44 CET 2004

Emilio wrote:
> I have gone through the pain of trying to use those commands and use
> other available cron clients for Windows to find they are expensive, or
> have bugs and are not stable. So I wrote a very simple yet powerful
> script that handles all the basic functionality of Cron. It has been
> stable and used in production for about a year. The source code is in
> Python and you can read it, it is a simple page. I have also created a
> version for Windows with an installer that doesn't even require Python
> installed in the target machine.
> You can find the project here:
> Emilio.

I find your project useful, but it's not a full "operation planned"
replacement. (I hope I have translate correctly from Italian "Operazioni
pianificate", you'll find it into the control panel).
It's mean that lack the service function. For example, if the pc is
lighted, but no logged-in, pycron don't work!

Why don't add this function? I think that is simple to make with py2exe

If you want I can create a simple GUI that can help the users that have
no knowledge whit contrab sintax.


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