Python for Series 60 update

Tim Hoffman timh at
Wed Dec 22 23:52:28 CET 2004

Whoo hoo.

Just got it.

I did find a problem with it on my 7610.

It has a python program called which
allows you to start a ptyhon shell, but its I/O is
redirected over Bluetooth to a terminal on a PC (ie Hyper Term)
It goves you have access to the Python shell with a decent
keyboard and screen size through the terminal.

It works, but I had to hard code my bluetooth mac address (I assume
thats what it is called in bluetooth).  The bt_discover() call
didn't seem to find my host.

It doesn't include xmlrpclib in the base installed python runtime,
but just send xmlrpclib, and xmlib and away we go.

from the console I could immediatly do xml-rpc calls
to my favourite Zope/CMF instance over GPRS and it just worked.

This is cool.


Ville Vainio wrote:
> Python for S60 seems to be available for the grand public as of today.
> Check out
> Yes, this is good news :-).

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