BASIC vs Python

Gregor Horvath g.horvath at
Sat Dec 18 08:41:46 CET 2004

Thomas Bartkus wrote:
>    > On what basis do you think the mechanics of producing a working
>    > language are easier because the language is interpreted. <snip>
> Because:
>    Type code
>    Run code.

VB6 goes a step further:

Run Code
   Type Code

That means that you can set a breakpoint. While the debugger stops you 
can edit the sourcecode (to some extent) without stopping program 
execution and let the interpreter run this new code without restarting 
the program.
Essentially you can code inside the debugger. That gives you the 
possibilty to fix a bug on the fly since on an exception the debugger 
stops at the wrong line. Try different possibilities and see the result 
immediatly in the given context.

That would be an nice feature for python (debugger), because this is 
true interactive development.

Or is it already there and I missed it?


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