how to pass globals across modules (wxPython)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Dec 20 08:37:07 CET 2004

Martin Drautzburg wrote:

> My wxPython program starts execution in like this
>        [...]
>        class MainApp(wxApp):
>                def OnInit(self):
>                        self.mainFrame = MainFrame(None)
>                        self.mainFrame.Show()
>                        self.SetTopWindow(self.mainFrame)
>                        return True
>        def main():
>                global application
>                application=MainApp(0)
>                application.MainLoop()
>        if __name__ == '__main__':
>                main()
> I need to access the "application" object from other modules, actually
> the windows and frames that live therein and I don't know how to do
> this.

this might help:

> I tried using "global", but that does not seem to help. In the other
> module I run an "import mainFrame" and that seems to reset the global
> variables.

"global" is used in a local scope to tell Python that something isn't a
local variable; see


for details.


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