standard IDE in python 3000 (or beyond)? *semi-newbie*

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Thu Dec 30 17:09:07 CET 2004

Aahz wrote:
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> Steve Holden  <steve at> wrote:
>>With respect it wouldn't, since IDLE doesn;t include a GUI builder. I 
>>think Mike's cri-de-couer is for a tool that makes it as easy as Visual 
>>Studio to put a GUI-based application together.
> Should the Python community really care about this, I suspect Eclipse
> might be the best way.

If Eclipse really is the answer I'll have to learn more about it, but 
from the little I know so far it seems like a very heavyweight solution. 
Not that Visual Studio is becomingly trim, of course - it's a fine 
example of bloatware, but it does do a useful job as a GUI builder. 
Perhaps there's a lesson somewhere in there ...

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