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Thu Dec 16 19:19:54 CET 2004

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>Well, the snake mascot as drawn is, of course, very flexible, appears 
>to be friendly, and is, well, just how fast is a big snake, esp. a 

I don't know about Pythons but there is a black snake in Africa (a black 
mamba?) that when it stands up is taller than a man. This snake can out 
"run" a man in straight line or over rough ground. I saw a TV program 
where they'd attached a camera to its head. Absolutely incredible 
watching this thing whizzing through the undergrowth in search of a 
mate. Don't think all snakes are slow - they aren't.

BTW. The suggestions - I like them, for what little that is worth.

Stephen Kellett
Object Media Limited
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