A rational proposal

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Sun Dec 19 14:35:40 CET 2004

Raymond L. Buvel wrote:

>> gmpy wraps GMP, which is covered by LGPL; therefore, gmpy itself is
>> LGPL, and thus, sadly, cannot be included with python (otherwise,
>> speaking as gmpy's author, I'd be glad to fix its design to meet your
>> objections).

> Since the LGPL was designed to allow propritary software to link to a LGPL module, I don't see why 
> any software under a free license like Python cannot link to the GMP library.  The PSF may want 
> you to release gmpy under a dual license if it is incorporated into the Python standard library 
> but I don't see why that cannot be done.

core features cannot rely on software components with restrictive licenses.

nothing stops a Python distributor from shipping Python builds with LGPL'ed
(or GPL'ed) components today; Alex was talking about the core distribution.


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