calling functions across threads

Thomas Rast at
Wed Dec 29 19:46:44 CET 2004

Steven Bethard <steven.bethard at> writes:

> I get the correct output, but if you run this yourself, you'll see
> that the numbers 1 through 10 aren't printed in sync with the writes
> (i.e. every half second); they're all printed at the end.  Could
> someone explain to me why this happens, and how (if possible) I can
> get the numbers printed in sync with the appends to the list?

I tried your code, and got the expected behaviour, i.e. the numbers
are printed every half second.  Maybe you have a buffering problem?

$ python2.4 -V
Python 2.4
$ uname -a
Linux thomas 2.6.9 #6 Sun Dec 19 17:45:53 CET 2004 i686 GNU/Linux

- Thomas

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