2D array

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 22:22:36 CET 2004

Adam DePrince wrote:
> The use of  None as the default parameter was on purpose; the lack of
> "magic" in python is often cited in religious wars between python and
> perl aficionados.  Use of get(something, None) was on purpose, the level
> of familiarity with the language implied by the original question
> suggested that the notion of optional parameters, and specifically those
> of get, may not have been immediately obvious.
> As for a[0,0] instead of a[(0,0)] ... the former just *looks* so
> aesthetically wrong to me that I've never used it, and had forgotten
> that it was even possible.   

Sorry, I hadn't meant any of my comments as criticisms -- just wanted to 
make sure the OP knew about all the options open to them.  I'm used to 
a[0,0] because I've used numarray a bit, but to each his own, of course. =)


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