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Thu Dec 16 10:29:37 CET 2004

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 07:42:38 GMT, Dimitri Tcaciuc <dtcaciuc at> wrote:
> Hm, interesting. So I'm hearing lots of different opinions here, but it
> seems like there's not too many radical thoughts about not using snake
> at all and it can be pretty much summed up to 2 things
> 1) use a snake
> 2) combine snake with -some- monty python's symbolic

+1 on both counts.
> I personally totally like the thought of calling the snake Monty, I
> couldn't even think of any other alternatives.

+1 too.
> But before pushing forward any particular design, maybe it will make
> sense to make some sort of official logo contest on Python's main
> website and post it on /. ?

It's a great marketing idea. There was a thread recently on Python-dev
that started with a message from Guido, where he talks about a
seemingly persistent perception that exists in the specialized press
regarding Python as a flexible, nice, but generally slow (or slower
than the alternatives) language. The thread ended up as a discussion
about Python marketing & advocacy in general. So I think that the
timing is good.

But on the other hand, making this into a open contest takes more than
a simple announcement on Slashdot. Some things need to be arranged

1) Our vote may count, but Guido's opinion not only count, it's
decisive. So I believe that's better for we to hear his opinion before
we even start talking about it seriously.

2) The folks are python-dev are much more involved with Python than
most people that gather around comp.lang.python. Their opinion is also
important. However, to announce it on the python-dev list out of the
blue is not a good idea; the list is highly focused on Python
development issues, and is not the place for this discussion. I would
prefer that some senior member (Guido himself, or some of the other
old-timers) did the announcement on Ptyhon-dev, if only to make people
know about it.

3) Finally, if there's a competition, there must be a decision
process. It may be democratic voting, it may be a comitee, it may be
Guido's opinion, I don't know. But the conditions need to be clear
from the start.

> That should be a better option, since there obviously are waaay more
> great artists out there than the ones that somehow got on these
> newsgroups :)
> So the question is, how can this be arranged? I am pretty new to Python
> in general, so I don't know how this community's clockwork is arranged
> and who to contact about that.

I don't know... posting it on Python-dev would raise the attention of
some folks, but may bother others, as this is really off-topic there.
As far as I know, Python does not have a official contact for
marketing issues. Maybe if just need to keep going with the discussion
here, until someone who really knows the Python Ways "buys" the idea.

And finally, Dimitri - congratulations for the design, but most
important, for the attitude.

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