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Thu Dec 2 00:02:53 CET 2004

Luke Skywalker wrote:

> On Wed, 01 Dec 2004 17:15:38 -0500, Steve Holden <steve at>
> wrote:
>>You are right about ActiveState, the copy you download from their web 
>>site is licensed to prohibit redistribution. They might be prepared to 
>>cut you a special license, but you'd have to ask them about that.
> Does it mean it's not allowed to build an application with ActiveState
> Python, and generate an installer that installs the whole thing,
> forcing users to go to ActiveState's web site and download the
> interpreter? Gee, that changes everything...
> Luke.

Obviously the license agreement at 
would be the authoritative statement. ActiveState do, however, license 
their distribution for OEM purposes, as the links to the right of the 
above-quoted page suggest.

However, the current Community License (v4) says: """ ...
    2. You may make and give away verbatim copies of this Package for 
personal use, or for use within your organization, provided that you 
duplicate all of the original copyright notices and associated 
disclaimers. You may not distribute copies of this Package, or copies of 
packages derived from this Package, to others outside your organization 
without specific prior written permission from ActiveState (although you 
are encouraged to direct them to sources from which they may obtain it 
for themselves). ..."""

This makes is pretty clear that if you plan to distribute outside your 
own organization they expect you to get an OEM license if you want to 
use their distribution.

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