building python extensions with .net sdk compiler?

David Fraser davidf at
Sat Dec 11 10:41:28 CET 2004

Grumman wrote:
>> I got this insane message, how did you solve this "problem" ?
>> ------------
>> running install
>> running build
>> running build_py
>> running build_ext
>> error: The .NET Framework SDK needs to be installed before building 
>> extensions for Python.
>> -------------
>> Or does anyone know why i get this message, the .net sdk is about 
>> 100Mb, no fun !
> The message says what it says. You have to install the .net SDK to use 
> this. You'll also need the Platform SDK if you don't have it already 
> installed. (And its a *lot* bigger than the .net sdk)
> And then you'll find out that you either need to hack 
> distutils/, or your registry.

So using MinGW seems like the better option ... is it working for Python 


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