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Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Wed Feb 25 21:55:04 CET 2004

Rainer Deyke wrote:

>Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
>>Actually, this is the classic problem of data-escaping.  It's
>>*possible* to guarantee unique values when encoding as a string, but
>>it's a *lot* harder than just doing str( data ).
>In Python it's one extra line of code.
>from pickle import dumps
Sure, even used that to create the examples :) , but it instantiates and 
invokes a huge class (~500 lines of Python code) built using multiple 
other dictionaries, each of which would need to be serviced themselves 
without getting into weird recursion problems.  Pickling machinery is 
*really heavy* (i.e. a lot harder for the computer to do, and a lot more 
hairy to program) than a few structure lookups to find functions 
computing hashes and/or equalities and the inclusion of a static 
sequence type.

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