Python and MS Exchange

Greg Lindstrom yuba at
Mon Feb 16 19:28:08 CET 2004

Mark (and others), 

Thanks for your time and attention.  Since I expect to eventually want
to do all sorts of things with this application, I think it's best to
use MAPI (and not simple MAPI).  I have the SpamBayes MAPIDriver (and
everything else out of the "sandbox") and have stepped through it
enough to figure most of it out.  When I run "", I get
the "MS Exchange Settings" (as I expected).  When I run the
"" it complains that "FalseGetAllItems" is not defined. 
Humph.  When I attempt the " -p Subject test" it
complains about not being able to find a default message store.

I have read through a lot of the MSDN Docum

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