Newbie questions: symbolic links and hashable items

pekka.niiranen pekka.niiranen at
Tue Feb 10 08:18:38 CET 2004

Hi everybody,

1) I am accessing HP-UX partition thru Samba mount.
My problem is: Using shutil.copy() copies symbolic links
because os.path.islink() does not recognize those as links.
How can I make Python running in W2K recognize
symbolic links from Samba -mount?

2) How can I check whether a value is hashable?
The code below works but for going thru set of values
it seems bit odd.

# x is hashable ?
u = {}
   u[x] = ''
except TypeError:

3) Can filenames in any operating system, all Unicode objects and all 
strings be assumed as hashable? I would like to use them as dictionary keys.


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