Problem with mixing doctest with gettext _()

Skip Montanaro skip at
Fri Feb 27 15:56:16 CET 2004

    >> I suspect it's because your dummy _ is not in builtins.  Why not just
    >> call gettext.install() where you are currently defining _?

    Pierre> Skip, this looks like the way to go.

    Pierre> I was trying to avoid it because the translation files for these
    Pierre> library modules are constructed at the application level
    Pierre> somewhere else.  But I was also considering creating a
    Pierre> translation library for these module, so I guess that is one
    Pierre> more incentive to do so...

If you really want a dummy _() you can also stuff your version into

    >>> import __builtin__
    >>> def foo(s): return s
    >>> __builtin__._ = foo
    >>> _
    <function foo at 0x1d6670>
    >>> _("hi")


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