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At 2004-02-08T16:05:06Z, Bart Nessux <bart_nessux at> writes:

> It is a Denial of Service script written in Python and it is very
> effective (produces loads > 150 on a 1000MHz PowerMac G4 running apache
> with static html pages). It's been written for Unix load testing in an
> academic setting.

OK, that's fine, but you should know that many such tools already exist.  If
the aim of your project is writing one in Python, go for it.  If not, your
time might be better spent using one that's already in production.

- From a description of

    webbench is very simple HTTP benchmarking tool, which can benchmark both
    WWW and proxy servers. webbench uses fork() for simulating multiple
    clients and supports benchmarking by HTTP/0.9-HTTP/1.1 requests (without
    Keep-Alive). This benchmark is not very realistic, but can test if your
    HTTPD can really handle many clients at once (try to run some CGIs)
    without taking your machine down. I am using this program for setting
    maximum number of Apaches. Webbench displays results in pages/min and

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