Problems with win32com and IE, WindowState

Jan H jhj022 at
Fri Feb 6 12:01:48 CET 2004

Background: I am a newbe trying to store the state of an Internet
Explorer Application with the use of and python. I use
python 2.3.

Problem 1: The state is accessible, but not the hole state. I am
missing the possibility to retrieve if the IE is minimized or not,
also known as WindowState for word application. This could be found by
detecting that the value of top and left is -32000, but will not help
me in restoring the value to its old value.  I wish to find the
WindowState for the IE object and if the object is minimized I would
like to get the Top and Left position of the object if restored.

import win32com.client

Problem 2: Would like to find out if the favourites toolbar is open or
not. I can not find out how to retrieve this property.

Thanks in advance.

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