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>I would recommend you to post your  thoughts directly to 
>guido at Guido is the source for a possible change. (By the 
>way, on can find the  outline 
>of the "Python's Development Process". May be you alreay know that 
>source - than sorry, I dont wish to impose.)

Actually, that's a very bad idea.  While Guido is still the BDFL and
still very much involved in Python's development, he's also no longer
doing most of the work by himself (and hasn't for several years).  This
newsgroup/list is the best place to start discussions about things
(particularly things that all too often end up being FAQs); once they've
been hashed out some (or a lot), discussion moves to python-dev where
core developers who don't have time to read the casual discussion here
get a chance to think and talk (not necessarily in that order ;-).

The only time you should send e-mail to Guido directly is when it's
something that specifically needs his personal attention.  As a "for
example", I'm the "General Nag" for PyCon, and Guido prefers to have his
name on many of the announcements, so I send Guido reminders to post
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