Add PayFlow Pro wrapper to standard library?

Paul Prescod paul at
Mon Feb 2 16:47:27 CET 2004

Mark McEahern wrote:

> This inspired me to imagine something similar being added to Python's
> standard library.  The basic idea:  This would mean someone like me
> wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel over and over. 

If you want to avoid reinventing the wheel over and over, make a 
sourceforge project and then register your PyPayFlowPro in PyPi. Then 
people who need it will be able to find it and people who do not need it 
will not have it cluttering up their Python installation.

Once it is popular on PyPi and it seems the number of people who need it 
may outnumber the number who do not, you could propose it for inclusion 
as a standard library.

I agree with Duncan that your work will go much faster if you use Pyrex.

  Paul Prescod

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